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Welcome to FIGHT HD

FIGHT HD is an organization built to help bring awareness of Huntington’s Disease to the general population.  This organization was begun by individuals within the triathlon community in support of one of their own.   FIGHT HD supports TEAM FIGHT HD in the battle to bring this terminal disease to light.  It is FIGHT HD’s mission to raise:


  • Awareness of HD within the general population

  • Awareness within the HD community of the importance of an active lifestyle

  • Desperately needed funding for the fight against HD


We hope to do so by showcasing the hard work and dedication to fight this disease by our fellow athlete who is currently at-risk.  Currently, there is no treatment, there is no cure, but there is always hope.

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Please utilize this website to educate yourself on Huntington’s Disease, IMFHD's struggle, and TEAM FIGHT HD
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